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Welcome to One Time Passcode: As of Wednesday, April 13, 2016, you will use One-Time Passcode (OTP) Multifactor Authentication (MFA) instead of challenge questions to verify your identity when you log into Business Cash Manager Online (BMCO) from an unrecognized device or computer. Instructions on how to use OTP are below.

One Time Passcode Login Instructions.

Security Reminder: Malicious software (“malware”), including viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and spyware, is software designed to do damage or other unwanted actions on a computer system. Malware can make its way onto machines from the Internet, downloads, attachments, email, and other platforms. To mitigate this risk:

- Avoid opening unexpected messages from unknown senders – attackers often use email messages to spread malware, phishing scams, and other threats.

- Don’t be lured in by spammers or phishers – many cyber criminals use social engineering tactics to get you to voluntarily install malicious software onto your computer.

- Click with caution – do not open unidentified links or visit unfamiliar sites. Careless clicking can expose your computer and, in turn, the entire network to malicious software.

Heritage Bank employees will never contact you to approve a pending wire or ach transaction over the phone or by email. The bank will call to confirm any approved wire requests not previously initiated. Call backs are only performed to authorized individuals on file at the bank. The wire details will be validated, but we will never ask for your token code response or request you to input your token code response in online banking. If you are unable to positively identify a caller as a bank representative, hang up the phone and contact the bank using the published phone numbers. To report an incident, please contact us immediately at (253) 284-2032, toll free at (844) 510-4659, or email at We are available M-F 8 am PST to 5:30 pm PST and 6:00 pm PST on Friday.

Scheduled Maintenance: Saturday, May 21, 2016 between 6 PM PST and 3 AM PST.

Business Cash Manager User Guide is now available on our website. To access, please go to -> Online Services -> Business Cash Manager Online –> BCMO User Guide.

Password Reset Tool – In order to use this feature, you must not be locked out. Users are locked out after 3 unsuccessful attempts. If you are locked out, please contact your company administrator for assistance.

For Online Support please call us at (253) 284-2032, toll free at (844) 510-4659, or email at We are available M-F 8 am PST to 5:30 pm PST and 6:00 pm PST on Friday.

For your security, please do not send sensitive information via email.

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